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What is A Little Something Extra?

A Little Something Extra is a small blank card you fill in and give in anticipation of a friend or family member needing extra support. Give it before they need it so they already have it with them to open at the very moment they need it.

Cool! How does it work?

When you order A Little Something Extra, you fill the card with some personalized words of love and support that your loved one can keep with them and open when they need it. You can give A Little Something Extra Card on its own, but we suggest you include them in either a traditional card or a gift.

When is the right time to give A Little Something Extra?

These cards were designed to be given during a shift in your life, or an impending challenge that may be difficult to adjust to. Think starting a new job, making an international move, the passing of a close loved one, even having a baby or getting married. Times when there is a lot of love and support when the initial shift happens, that unfortunately might slowly trickle away as people get busy with life.

On that note, you don’t always need a reason. Sometimes just giving a card and letting someone know that you are there for them is the right time!

Why give A Little Something Extra?

“We can’t read our friends’ minds and we won’t always know when they need a pep talk to get them through a tough time. I created A Little Something Extra so my friends and family knew that I always had their back! I find that when I give one of these cards, I don’t hear about their tough day until they open their card and they tell me how it and I brightened their day. These cards were made so that someone doesn’t need to ask or reach out for support in order to receive it.” – Madison, Founder of A Little Something Extra

How big are A Little Something Extra cards?

Each card is 2.5 x 3 3/8ths inches (6.3 x 8.5 cm). Perfect size to keep closeby in the card slot of your wallet.

When I order A Little Something Extra, what do I get?

You will receive the style of blank card(s) that you ordered. You will also get the carefully designed envelope to put the card in that features instructions that explain that your recipient should wait to open the card.

What makes A Little Something Extra so special?

As the person giving the card, you can feel good knowing that you have given support to your person for the moment they need it, without them having to reach out and ask for it. 

For the person receiving, it is very similar to the feeling of getting a text that says “Thinking of you! Miss you” at the very moment you need it most and how it makes you feel so loved. That’s the feeling you get when you open up A Little Something Extra.

What card options do you have?

We now offer 5 different designs that all come with our unique style of envelope with the instructions on the outside. See them on our Shop page.

Where can I buy A Little Something Extra?

Right now, our cards are only available on our website!

Do you sell the larger cards to put A Little Something Extra in?

At this time we only sell the smaller cards that easily fit into a traditional card. We encourage you to head to your local stationary store and chose some amazing cards from local artists and pop A Little Something Extra into it before sending to a friend!

Have a question that we didn’t answer?

Use the contact us page to let us know and we will answer as quickly as possible!


A Little Something Extra

Giving a standard greeting card a Little Something Extra


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A Little Something Extra

Giving a standard greeting card a Little Something Extra